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Demanding Answers: Truck Dangerously Parked At East New York Bus Stop Creating A Stir

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)--A box truck is causing a potentially dangerous situation in Brooklyn. Parked in the exact spot where the Q8 bus should stop at Wortman and Fountain Avenues in East New York, a white GMC box truck has no plates, no identifying decals, and is illegally parked.

Residents in the area say they've made numerous complaints that have been ignored repeatedly.

"The biggest thing is they say if you see something say something. '311, call 311,' issues will get resolved, you give them time," said East New York resident Ricky Thompson.

Thompson showed his 311 app where he began making complaints early last month saying, "Truck parked in bus stop for over two months."

On multiple occasions, 311 closed his cases, one time saying the complaint did not fall under police jurisdiction. Another time saying the police department took action to fix the condition.

"If this was a bus stop in the heart of the city, this truck would have been gone in less than 10 minutes," said Thompson.

In order to get on the bus, riders have to walk out and look down a lane of traffic to see if the bus is coming.

"You know how many people trying catch the bus and that truck is blocking them?" Said bus stop worker Junior Mercado.

"We have to be here so the bus see's you," said East New York Lalita Barran.

While CBS2 was interviewing bus riders, a man named Joe Borello walked up and said he was in charge of the truck.

CBS2's Clark Fouraker told the driver he was endangering people trying to board the bus.

"Not really they're not in danger. What is the danger? The trucks going to hit them? They're not going to hit them. I don't think so. My discretion is there's no harm here," said Borello.

"Do you concede that it's illegally parked?" asked Fouraker.

"Yes," Borello replied.

The back of the truck was unlocked and he opened the gate, showing a mess of tires, baby toys and clothes inside.

He said he was going to make sure the truck was towed.

Borello claimed the truck broke down parked at a bus stop?

After Fouraker called the MTA and NYPD, and MTA worker arrived to take photos of the truck blocking the stop.

The MTA worker declined to comment on whether the truck was parked illegally.

Shortly after, NYPD officers arrived and issued a citation.

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