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December Best Buys: Complete Your Holiday Shopping Without Breaking The Bank

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Still getting your holiday shopping done?

As CBS2's Alex Denis reports, you might be able to do it without breaking the bank. She spoke with smart shopping expert Trae Bodge, of, to break down this month's best deals.

"Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. But if you have not finished your shopping, it's OK, because there are going to be lots of great deals this month, too," Bodge said.

That's especially true for items geared toward kids.

"Games, toys, video games – all those things that you need to buy, especially for the kids on the list, those items will be on sale," said Bodge.

December is also a good time to shop for the handy man or woman in your life.

"Hardware will be on sale at stores like Amazon, Lowe's, Kmart and probably Home Depot as well. So hit up all those stores for your good sets of drills," Bodge said.

While it seems unusual to see winter apparel sales now, they're out there.

"It is mid-season, so it's not really a logical time for these items to be discounted, but they are. So great for gifts - hats, scarves, coats, all that good stuff," said Bodge.

If you're comfortable waiting until the last minute, shop during an event called Super Saturday. It falls on the last Saturday before Christmas, which is the 22nd this year.

"Last year, we saw a 20 percent increase in sales on Super Saturday. So last minute shoppers are reigning supreme and they probably will again," Bodge said. "Stores, in kind, will be offering lots of discounts."

One more tip: Prices of holiday décor will get slashed this month, so think about stocking up for the year.

"If you can find things that are a little bit more general, like things that are metallic for instance, you could use for other holidays throughout the year," said Bodge.

One thing you won't be getting a deal on this month is jewelry. Experts say if you're shopping for a little extra sparkle this holiday season, expect to pay top dollar.

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