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Expert: Preparing Students And Parents To Deal With College Denials

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Now is the time teenagers start receiving college acceptance letters and decide where they're going to continue their education.

But with that also comes rejection.

So how can you help a student going through that tough time, and how do you handle the rejection as a parent, as well?

"I think talking about it early is really important. Conversations about denial or rejection shouldn't happen when the denial comes for the first time. So when you're figuring out your list, when you're thinking about where to apply, you should be talking about the possibility for admission – how tough do we think it's going to be for you?" Dr. Bari Norman, an educational consultant from Expert Admissions, told CBSN New York's Alex Denis. "So that way, you're building it in early on, so it's not coming in for the first time when you find out."

She also said dealing with rejection is an important lesson in life.

"You have to acknowledge this is upsetting, you've worked hard, there isn't necessarily a good reason or maybe it isn't fair, or you don't feel it's fair," she said. "So you give the student time to process, but then you pause a little bit, and then talk about moving forward."

For more of Dr. Norman's advice, watch the full interview above.


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