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Deadly Red Light Crashes Reach 10-Year High, AAA Says

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – An alarming new report shows the number of deadly red light crashes has climbed to a ten-year high.

The American Automobile Association analyzed all red light crashes from 2017 - the most recent data available - and found 939 people were killed nationwide.

That's a 28-percent increase from five years ago.

The research shows more than two people are killed every day in crashes involving someone who ran a red light.

"The problem is drivers are distracted, they're impatient and they're reckless and they're making the decision to run a red light instead of safely stopping," Doug Shupe of AAA said.

The motor club says it wants to see more red light cameras at busy intersections.

The report also shows one-in-three drivers admit to running a red light in the past month - even when they knew they could have stopped.

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