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Cuomo: Everything In This Election Is 'Over Dramatized'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)-- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is giving his two cents on the latest developments in the presidential election.

Given Hillary Clinton's rocky exit from the 9/11 ceremony and the subsequent revelation that she has pneumonia, WCBS 880s' Rich Lamb asked the governor if he thinks she will rebound from questions regarding her health. 

"Everything is a big kerfuffle for 24 hours and then sanity returns and life moves on," he said.

Cuomo said this year's election is truly unique.

"This political season is unlike anything I've seen. Everything is hyperbolic. And everything is magnified. And everything is over dramatized. So I think this just fades away until we have the next big thing," he said.

Asked whether he thinks Trump is hiding something about his health, the governor said, "I don't think so."

Clinton was back on the campaign trail Thursday following the bout of pneumonia that sidelined her for three days and revived questions about both the Democratic nominee and Trump's transparency regarding their health.

Clinton said she will be releasing more information about her health soon, adding she wants to respond to "legitimate questions people have" about her health. Clinton said she was "touched" by the concern about her well-being.

Clinton's campaign released a new letter from her doctor Wednesday declaring her "fit to serve" as president and recovering well from her recent illness.

The letter, the first substantial update on her health in more than a year, details the medications she is taking, her cholesterol levels and other results from a physical exam.

Trump's campaign on Thursday released a letter from his doctor outlining the results from his latest physical.

The letter from Trump's long-time doctor, Harold N. Bornstein, is more detailed than one he had released previously that consisted largely of platitudes.

A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows health information is one thing voters can agree on. It found that 45 percent of likely voters say both candidates should release more of their medical records.

Meanwhile, Cuomo praised outgoing police Commissioner Bill Bratton on Friday. But in doing so, he managed to take an oblique swipe at Mayor Bill de Blasio, calling the police commissioner's job "probably the most important job in New York City government."

Of the outgoing commissioner, he offered, "Bill Bratton – he brought confidence, and you looked at him, and you looked at his record, and you knew him, and you said, 'I can sleep well tonight.' Bratton's on the case."

Cuomo added that what made Bratton special was that he "didn't duck the tough issues; he grabbed the tough issues."

Friday marked Bratton's last day on the job. Commissioner James O'Neill now takes over.

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