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Governor Says 'Cuomo Chips' Don't Count For Bars Trying To Follow Food Mandate

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday chips do not count for restaurants and bars trying to follow the state's requirement that alcoholic drinks can only be served with food.

Cuomo vowed to step up the state's crackdown on bars and restaurants breaking the rules after videos showed people partying outside overcrowded establishments and not social distancing.

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The state mandated bars sell a "substantial amount of food" in order to serve alcohol.

That order prompted some bars to offer dollar items, including what some called "Cuomo chips."

The governor Thursday responded to the menu item with a smile, but said there would be consequences.

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"There's nothing wrong with Cuomo chips. I enjoy them. They do not suffice in the existing law as a bar serving food," he said.

Earlier in the week, the state liquor authority suspended alcohol licenses of 27 establishments breaking coronavirus safety rules.

Cuomo is asking local governments to help step up enforcement.

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