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CT Commuter Group: Metro-North 'Bill Of Rights' Doesn't Go Far Enough

STAMFORD, Conn. (WCBS 880) -- Connecticut's commuter council says a customer bill of rights proposed by Metro-North doesn't do enough to guarantee better service.

Members of the 15-member Connecticut Rail Commuter Council said the proposed draft of a customer service pledge doesn't adequately address substitute bus service or communication during service lapses.

Jim Cameron, the chairman of the Connecticut Rail Commuter Council, spoke with WCBS 880 on Friday and explained what exactly forced Metro-North to go into "fire drill mode" and "come up with something."

"What prompted Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road to work on a similar document was the lightning strikes that knocked out Long Island Rail Road service in October and a polite political nudging from Senator [Chuck] Schumer," Cameron said.

Cameron also said the council believes that there should be "follow-through" from the rail service if commuters aren't provided what they pay for.

"Customers should be given refund or provided with alternate transportation," he said, referring to cancelled trains and major service disruptions.

The commuter group also says Metro-North should make refunds easier and do more to provide seating.

Metro-North's eight-point proposal includes promises to make safe travel a priority, maintain clean stations and rail cars and provide better information during prolonged service disruptions.

"Another things that we suggested was this passenger bill of rights be posted on the trains. You know, it's not enough just to create this document, we need to make sure that riders know about it and that is put up on posters on the trains or in the stations as well too," Cameron said.

Cameron said he believes the council and the railroad can compare notes and "cover those areas that customers are most concerned about."

What Should Be Included In A Metro-North Passenger Bill Of Rights?  Share Your Thoughts In The Comments Section...

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