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Crystals Installed On Times Square New Year's Eve Ball

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Crystals were installed on Times Square's famous New Year's Eve ball Monday.

Crews installed nearly 200 crystals on the ball, which contains more than 2,600 total.

This year, a new design celebrates the "gift of wisdom."

"This year we're installing the new 'gift of wisdom' Waterford crystal triangles. The gift of wisdom is represented by a wheel with these petals of knowledge that are going ever forward. People don't realize, when you're looking at the ball on TV, you see these beautiful colors with a kaleidoscope effect, but if you get to be up close, like we are today, you see these really beautiful, intricate Waterford patterns," said organizer Jeff Strauss.

New Year's Eve in Times Square will go on this year, but with a much smaller crowd than usual. The city is also requiring COVID vaccinations and masks.

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