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Seen At 11: From Aches To Anxiety, Practitioners Claim 'Crystal Light Therapy' Can Cure What Ails You

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- From aches and pains to stress and anxiety, could colored lights and cut crystals help cure what ails you?

CBS2's Kristine Johnson tried out a new take on an ancient therapy to see if it works.

You step into a darkened room lit by a line of rainbow colored lights. Each one holds a precision cut 24 sided crystal. There are part of a healing system that claims to do everything from eliminating migraines to balancing your brain.

"It works by helping create energy, because everything is energy, and it helps to just realign you," Alexandra Janelli explained.

Janelli is the owner of Modrn Sanctuary in the Flat Iron district, where treatments on a crystal light therapy bed are offered.

"This is kind of your intensified meditation made easy," she explained.

It's more complex than that. Crystal healing is an eastern practice that involves placing crystals along the body's chakras or energy centers. Color frequencies radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective chakra.

Janelli said it helps to go in with an open mind.

"On some level you know, having the buy-in does open you up to a lot more possibility," she said.

CBS2's Johnson settled in for a 20 minute treatment which also included a bed that pulsates, and an audio track designed to calm the mind.

"I was absolutely a skeptic," Jackie Burns said.

After trying it, Burns said she is now a believer.

"You leave completely reset, completely grounded, and I do so much better work. I work so much smarter, so much more efficiently," she said.

CBS2's Johnson said it left her feeling relaxed and recharged.

Janelli credits the results to a 'frequency generator.'

"That's exactly what the frequency generator is going to do, is create the source of energy that goes through the crystals right to where you need it," she explained.

Dr. Venis Wilder said it could help.

"I actually do see it as an adjunct. Someone who is interested learning ore or doing more with their energy, or thinking about healing in a different way," Dr. Wilder said.

But he cautioned that the treatment is not for everyone.

"There are some things that medications are needed or other types of treatment that is not provided by this type of therapy, so I would check with your doctor first," he said.

The cost is about $75 depending on the length and frequency of treatments. Many clients find it's most effective when used with other treatments.



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