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Couple Uses Jimmy Fallon's 'Egg Roulette' For Hilarious Gender Reveal

1010 WINS- Molli Reber and her husband Dallen wanted to do something unique for their gender reveal party, and what's better than Jimmy Fallon's egg roulette game?

"We got the idea from jimmy fallon egg roulette he does on the tonight show," Molli told 1001 WINS. "We have always thought it was so funny and it would be a fun game so we came up with the idea for the gender reveal!"

The finished product was both hilarious and heartwarming.

For the game, there were eleven hard-boiled eggs placed in a carton with only one of them raw, and whichever color it was, that was the baby's gender.

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Molli said, "the anxiety kept building as each egg was hard-boiled! We thought maybe they were pulling a prank on us but it couldn't have worked out any better!"

Sure, it may have taken a while to find the raw egg -- but it was clearly worth the wait!

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"We haven't come up with a name yet," Reber says, "but are open to suggestions!"

We're sure whatever name they choose, it will truly be egg-cellent.

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

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