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Thrill-Seeking Couple Renews Vows On Roller Coaster

WEST MIFFLIN, Penn. (1010 WINS) - After 10 years of marriage, a thrill-seeking couple decided to renew their wedding vows on a roller coaster.

But it wasn't just any coaster. For Brian and Pam Kanai, it was a return to the ride where they were first married a decade earlier.

Pam told 1010 WINS, "We figured it would be great to have our family, as well as all of our coaster enthusiast friends, there as well."

The pair wed on the Jack Rabbit ride at Kennywood Park in May 2007.

Calling it a "dream come true," Pam explained, "Growing up – being a roller coaster enthusiast and hearing about other people that had gotten married on roller coasters – and being able to do it myself, it was like, 'Wow, this is just awesome.'"

In fact, Pam comes from an entire family of coaster enthusiasts. The Jack Rabbit was the first roller coaster her father ever took her on when she was two years told, making the ramp at the ride's entrance the perfect "aisle" for him to walk her down.

Pam chose not to wear a full bridal gown for her wedding. When it came to the vow renewal, she pulled out the same white shirt and veil she'd worn a decade earlier.

"On the wedding day, I actually rode with that veil the entire day," she said. "I would ride with one hand up and one hand holding the veil."

They even got the original reverend who married them in 2007 to conduct the ceremony. The couple wants to do it all over again when the couple celebrates their 25th anniversary.

Pam told 1010 WINS, "We told the park, 'Get ready! In 15 years, we want to do it again.'"

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