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Country Music Trio Gloriana Has Reason To Pop Open The Champagne!

Gloriana is popping open the champagne to celebrate the success of their latest hit single, “(Kissed You) Good Night.” The country music trio, Tom Gossin, Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinert, slid into the fourth place slot on the Billboard Country Singles Chart, setting one of their first major career milestones. Their song may not be number one yet, but making it to the top five still has its perks. The band earned an R.I.A.A Gold certificate last week for their hit single after exceeding 500,000 copies sold in digital sales. This single will be featured on their second album, A Thousand Miles Left Behind, which is scheduled to release on Emblem Music Group/Warner Bros. Records on July 31.

You can pre-order a deluxe version of A Thousand Miles Left Behind on iTunes at and instantly get a download of a song from the album, “Carolina Rose.”

Track Listing:

1) "Gold Rush”
2) "Sunset Lovin’"
3) "Wanna Take You Home"
4) "(Kissed You) Good Night"
5) "Carolina Rose"
6) "Go On... Miss Me"
7) "Can't Shake You"
8) "Soldier Song"
9) "Turn My World Around"
10) "Doing It Our Way"
11) "Where My Heart Belongs"
12) "Lonely Road" (Bonus Track)
13) "Wild At Heart" - Acoustic (Bonus Track)
14) "Can't Shake You" - Acoustic (Bonus Track)
15) "(Kissed You) Good Night" (Video)
16) "Making Of A Thousand Miles Left Behind" (Video)

As glamorous as this is for Gloriana, their future wasn’t always as bright. Back in 2008 when Gloriana first came together, the trio lived in Reinert’s crammed little apartment, trying to make music while surviving on Ramon Noodles, but Mike Gossin always knew it would be worth it:

“Tom and I played in bars for 10 years, but it wasn’t until the three of us got together that we knew we had something special."

They certainly are special and fans can catch them touring on the road right now. This coming weekend the trio will be performing at the Two Rivers Convention Center/Grand Junction in Colorado (July 20), at the Gypsum Amphitheatre in Colorado (July 21) and at the Metra Park Arena in Montana (July 22). To see where the band is headed next, click here.

If you can’t make it to any live performances, watch this impromptu video where Gloriana celebrates the success of “(Kissed You) Good Night” by singing a special acoustic version:

Gloriana - (Kissed You) Good Night - Acoustic Version by glorianatheband on YouTube

The band is grateful for their success of this single, which they attribute to their loyal fans:

“It’s every artist’s dream to see their single connect with everyone,” said Mike Gossin. “None of this would be possible without country radio, the fans, and everyone who has shown us so much support - we are extremely grateful to everyone and so excited to get the album out there.”

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local Sacramento

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