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Coronavirus Update: Sleep Expert Recommends Warm Showers, Reading To Help Fall Asleep At Night

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The spread of the deadly coronavirus has brought on unprecedented worry and stress for people all over New York and the rest of the world.

Sleeping has become difficult for many. St. Charles Hospital sleep expert Brendan Duffy says this problem, affecting millions of people right no can have serious consequences, reports CBS2's Scott Rapoport.

"Health problems, compromised immune system, anxiety, accidents and your immune system is impaired," said Duffy. "We want to have good immune systems to prevent us from getting the virus."


Duffy says the average adult should get between seven and nine hours of sleep. However, many people aren't even getting close to that number during this global pandemic.

Duffey has a few recommendations to help people sleep at night, like taking a warm shower before bed.

"When you come out of the warm shower, your body temperature will start to lower," he said. "That's what we want to initiate good sleep."

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Another recommendation that Duffy makes is to reduce alcohol consumption and nicotine use before bedtime.

"Alcohol will fragment your sleep," said Duffy. "You get inferior quality of sleep. You may fall asleep quicker, but it is not the same quality."

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While new information is being released about the deadliness of COVID-19, working out and reading for leisure are two things Duffy says can help during these unprecedented times.

"It's [exercise] is good for your mind and it's good for your body," said Duffy. "It encourages deep sleep, which is what we are looking for when we fall asleep. Reading will help initiate as a cue that it is time for bed."

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According to Duffy, proper sleep to help boost your immune system and strengthen your body is crucial to slow the spread of coronavirus around the Tri-State area and the world.

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