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Coronavirus Unemployment: Jobs That Are Hiring, Tips For Tailoring Your Skills

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – More than 1.2 million New Yorkers have filed unemployment claims since the coronavirus outbreak began.

Many of them are now looking for jobs and wondering where they are. Essential services, remote jobs and quick gigs are prevailing right now as millions of furloughed employees search for work.

"Temporarily, you should be willing to take a job below your level," career counselor Eileen Sharaga told CBS2's Charlie Cooper.

Sharaga says now more than ever, finding work is about tailoring the skills you already have to the jobs that are available.

"The important thing is how to translate your area of expertise so that it lends itself to a teleconferencing or remote situation," she said. "You need to revisit your LinkedIn profile because that LinkedIn profile needs to be adjusted to the world out there."


LinkedIn is helping to make the job hunt simpler by encouraging employers to use the hashtags #CoronavirusHiring and #NowHiring in job postings.

No matter what pandemic we're in, there will always be jobs for sales people.

Sharaga says industries like remote customer service, pharmacy work, grocery store and delivery services are hiring in great numbers. Areas like telemedicine, tech, and online teaching are also bringing new hires on board.

Luke Marklin, CEO of the moving company Bellops, says he's also seen a steady hiring rate.

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"While the virus has had an impact, the industry is still ramping up for summer and a lot of leases are expiring," he said. "So we are actively on-boarding bellhops."

Marklin said movers with the company are able to pick their own schedules, when and how they work and they're assigned jobs based on those preferences.

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"Bellhops can make $20-30 an hour, including tips, and that can be a lot of money in a short period of time," he said.

Jobs like this and information on how to file for unemployment can be found on the New York State unemployment assistance website and on New Jersey's COVID-19 jobs and hiring portal.

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