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Coronavirus Update: NYC 8-Year-Old Doing What She Can To Help Others In Her Building

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- In these tough times we're hearing wonderful stories of people finding ways to help each other.

CBS2's Cindy Hsu recently met a little girl who's doing just that.

Eight-year-old Benna Schlub has been writing notes from her and her mother, Dava, and slipping them under the doors of neighbors who are 75 years old and above. Over the computer, Benna read Hsu one of the notes.

"It says, 'Hi there, it's Benna and Dava from this apartment just checking in to see if you would like us to grocery shop for you or pick up whatever you might need. Just call my mom or email her. Stay home, stay safe ... xoxox Benna and Dava,'" the third-grader said.

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When asked what kind of reaction she has received, she said, "We got a lot of responses."


Benna and her mom hit the grocery store and bought everything from bananas and radishes to anti-bacterial wipes. Benna delivers the bags, leaving them outside the door. One of the neighbors is 75-year-old Alina Rubinstein.

"I thought it was such a lovely and generous thing to do and, um, you know I hadn't even had time to think about what I was going to do," Rubinstein said of Benna's act of kindness.

So Benna and her mom are doing what they can and hoping the idea spreads.

"Even if it's not a giant thing, the little things help," Benna said.

She added that's the way we'll get through this together.

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