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Conn. Man Calls 911 Because Deli Made His Sandwich Wrong

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - You have to hear it to believe it.



A Connecticut man called 911 Wednesday from a deli telling the dispatcher they were making his sandwich wrong.

The caller, who identifies himself as Rother McLennon, called 911 from the Grateful Deli in East Hartford, lamenting to the dispatcher that his sandwich was being made wrong.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau On The Story


Here is a partial transcript off the emergency call.

Dispatcher: 911, what is your emergency?

McLennon: Um, hi. My name is Rother McLennon and I'm at Grateful Deli. I specifically asked for um little um, turkey, and little um ham and a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise...and they are giving me a hard time so I was wondering if you could stop by and just...

Dispatcher: Who is this?

McLennon: This is Rother McLennon. I was just wondering if you could um...just...

Dispatcher: You're calling 911 because you don't like the way they're making your sandwich?

McLennon: Exactly.

Dispatcher: So then don't buy it.

McLennon: OK.

The 2:23 minute call continues for a few moments after that, where the uber-patient dispatcher tells him to just leave if he is unhappy with how his sandwich is being prepared.

From the sound of the audio, it appears McLennon is a regular and is worried that they make his sandwich right the next time -- that he just "wants it resolved and to be able to come back here."

Surprisingly, the dispatcher tells him to wait outside of the deli because she'd be sending someone, and told McLennon "in the future, just don't buy the sandwich, OK?"

Do you think he should be fined for calling 911 over a sandwich? Sound off below.

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