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Gender Reveals Are So 5 Minutes Ago: New Trend Is Showing Off College Picks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - It's the questions high school seniors are probably sick of getting asked: "Where are you going to college?"

Now some are answering it in a very public way, reports CBS2's Vanessa Murdock.

From scary to sweet, gender reveals make a big splash on social media, and soon the next craze to take over your feed will be college reveals.

"Everyone is trying to reveal something," said Kris Ruby, president of Ruby Media Group.
Ruby notes the trend is in its freshman year.

"I do think because Millennials are the ones doing it, on social media this is going to expand very fast," she said.

"I think it's great if you like to share," said Cordelia Orbach of the Upper West Side.

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"I would have done the same thing if I was 18 at this time," said Daniel Sands.

Some families throw themed parties complete with fancy invitations, balloons, banners, and custom cakes to announce the decision before it get shared with strangers.

"These kids have worked really hard, its torture throughout the college application process," said Adrian Benepe of the Upper West Side. "If they want to celebrate in a very public way, more power to them."

College reveals trending now, what's next?

"You know what I think, a job reveal," said Ruby. "I have two offers, two job offers, what's it going to be?"

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