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Consumer analyst shares advice on how to finance a college education

Expert advice on paying for college 04:10

NEW YORK -- Sunday was College Decision Day, so now many high school seniors know what campus they will be heading to this fall. 

Their next big hurdle will be figuring out how to pay for it. 

Consumer analyst Sibile Marcellus joined CBS News New York with tips on how to navigate the process. 

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College Decision Day brings concerns, hurdles for families 03:19

Covering the hefty price tag for college is no small decision. Many seniors will have to rely on student loans to pay for their education. 

The average price tag for college tuition and fees in our area ranged from $10,740 at public colleges and universities to more than $38,070 at private schools, according to the College Board for this year.

Marcellus shares what she thinks should be step one for students, and where to start with financial aid or student loans. She also talks about the impact inflation is having on costs and the discussion around canceling student debt. 

Watch the full interview above for more.

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