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Coleman: Sandy Alderson Speaks

By Ed Coleman
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Mets general manager Sandy Alderson is ready for the Winter Meetings, which begin next week in Dallas.

Yes, he's still hopeful on the Jose Reyes front. Yes, he's confident that he can restructure and solidify the bullpen. And no, Jorge Posada will not be part of the solution behind the plate.

The Mets are looking to make some moves, albeit on a smaller scale, while in Texas, and Alderson believes that the trade market and the free-agent market are intertwined.


Beyond the possible retention of Reyes, the No. 1 priority has been the bullpen, and Alderson is still optimistic about landing a closer and strengthening the Mets' end-of-game.


There also are other areas that the Mets could fortify as well if the situation presents itself.


There were rumors on Thursday that Posada had reached out to the Mets to gauge their interest on possibly bringing him across town, but the agents for the catcher denied that, and Alderson followed suit.


Thus far, it's been a measured pace to this off-season, and Alderson was asked why he thinks the hot stove market and free agency has gone slowly.


Then again, it might just be chalked up to the usual dynamic between free agents and the clubs pursuing them.


That it can very easily. And whither Reyes? Will the apparent lack of interest in the free-agent All-Star shortstop continue into and beyond the Winter Meetings? San Francisco and Philadelphia don't seem inclined to join the proceedings. Washington has Ian Desmond, they need a center fielder, and are pursuing another Fielder named Prince. Reyes appears too rich for the Braves' blood, and Detroit and Milwaukee have remained on the outside looking in. The Marlins have been front and center, but the Mets can play in their territory ($80-90 million), they just would rather keep it to 4-5 years or 4 and an easily reachable option, not a 6 or 7-year deal.

Does Alderson anticipate further discussions with Reyes' agents while in Dallas?


Encouraging? We'll see what develops in Big D and beyond. Expect some new Mets -- and who knows, maybe an old one.

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Eddie C.

How confident are you that the Mets will re-sign Reyes? Sound off below...

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