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Coleman: Is A New Day Dawning For The Mets?

By Ed Coleman
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By any stretch of the imagination, Wednesday was a banner day for Mets fans everywhere.  When owner Fred Wilpon announced in Florida that the financial turmoil that had long plagued and hindered the franchise for many years was now a thing of the past, a huge cloud of uncertainty was lifted.

Wilpon stated that general manager Sandy Alderson will have the financial wherewithal to make major free-agent signings in the future if deemed appropriate, meaning if Alderson feels it benefits the team both currently and for the long-term future.  It doesn't necessarily mean that the Mets would start expanding their budget and throwing money around more liberally -- but it does mean that they could, and that's a breath of fresh air to Mets fans.

The Bernie Madoff mess had made life miserable for all concerned on numerous levels, but the financial problems, fiscal shortcomings and obvious lack of cash flow is all behind them now, according to Wilpon.

Fred Wilpon


But how, in this difficult economic climate, is Wilpon so sure that the worst is over at this juncture?

Fred Wilpon


As any owner tends to be, Wilpon is optimistic about his team -- even this year's edition which many critics and fans have already given up on.  So why the rose-colored glasses?

Fred Wilpon


If he could extend some advice to the players on the 2013 Mets, he would mention three letters: ROI (return on investment).

Fred Wilpon

Terry Collins is a lame-duck manager, which is not exactly an enviable position to be in considering the roster that he's dealing with while competing in the rugged National League East.  So what does Wilpon think of the job that Collins has done thus far?

Fred Wilpon

Wilpon obviously ponied up a lot of money to retain the face of the franchise, David Wright, for the next eight seasons, so his praise for the Mets' third baseman came as no surprise.

Fred Wilpon

Wright isn't going anywhere, and Mets fans are hoping that the team can now go places that they couldn't the last few seasons with monetary restrictions loosened.

Is a new day dawning?  Stay tuned.

C U soon
Eddie C.

Do you expect the Mets to be big spenders next offseason now that their financial issues are apparently a thing of the past? Sound off with your thoughts and comments below...

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