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Co-Defendant In Brooklyn Cop Killer Case To Testify Against Murder Suspect

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Four detectives who were involved in the manhunt for Det. Peter Figoski's killers testified in the murder trial of Lamont Pride on Monday.

Jurors were also shown pictures of the officer's bloody uniform and shield during the trial on Monday.

"Family and his colleagues had to sit and see photographs of his bloody uniform, photographs of the shield we take so proudly and wear on our chest, photographed as evidence. That's difficult to do when you know that police officer as a friend, you know him as a colleague. But more importantly than that, you know him as a son or a father - very difficult testimony," Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch told WCBS 880's Irene Cornell.

Co-Defendant In Brooklyn Cop Killer Case To Testify Against Murder Suspect

Prosecutors have argued that Figoski was ambushed as he arrived at the scene of a robbery of a small-time drug dealer in Brooklyn.

But in a tape shown to jurors last week, Pride claimed that he was smoking marijuana in the apartment that was robbed and nervously hid behind a boiler.

He said that he was trying to escape when he was confronted by a hooded man with a gun in his hand, who turned out to be Figoski. Pride said that after a struggle, a shot went off.

In court last week, jurors were shown crime scene photos of the basement where Figoski was shot and killed. They were also shown the alleged murder weapon, a 9mm Ruger pistol. Prosecutors said the gun was found underneath a vehicle near the scene.

The trial of the accused shooter will wrap up with one final witness. Co-defendant Ariel Tejada, who pled guilty, will testify against Pride, Cornell reported.

As part of Tejada's plea deal, he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in return for an 18-year prison sentence.

Pride and Michael Velez, Pride's alleged getaway driver, are currently on trial for the Dec. 12, 2011 murder. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Two other suspects in the case have pleaded not guilty. They have yet to stand trial.

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