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Club Lets Customers Turn Frustration Into Destruction

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A new rage-based enterprise encourages people to whack, smash and shatter objects to their heart's content.

Daily activities can be stressful, so why not unwind at The Wrecking Club off of 9th Avenue? It's a spot where people pay to turn frustration into destruction.

For $25, customers get 15 minutes in a metal-clad room where almost anything is available and nothing is off-limits.

Open seven days a week, The Wrecking Club is the brain child of Tom Daly, who was looking for a change of pace from his desk job.

Initially met with skepticism from friends who called Daly nuts, they tested the idea and quickly learned its worth.

"People enjoy breaking stuff more than they initially thought," said Daly.

"It's kind of scary and unfamiliar, but once you do it for a couple of minutes, you're like, this is so exciting," said customer Katie Massey.

"I love getting to throw a plate at a wall. I have no idea why. Something about it is just like therapeutic in a way that you're like, wow that just shattered," said sister Libby Massey.

The debris can be dangerous so the club requires close-toed shoes and provides pants and a jacket.

"We give you a full hard hat with a visor that covers your entire face and big ole construction gloves so there aren't any cuts or anything like that on your hands," said club co-owner Jeff King.

Providing a way to let it all out is bring in customers with package names like "Couples' Therapy", "Top Shelf" and "Short and Sweet."

There's something for everyone, even monthly memberships.

"It's so much more fun then you'd ever imagine," said Libby.

"I think come with a friend. It's really fun," said Katie.

It's a smashing good time.

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