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Group Returns To City Hall Park To Continue Protest Until Demands Are Met

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) --  Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced his resignation Tuesday, hours after protesters who have been calling for his firing  returned to City Hall Park in protest.

The group, Millions March NYC, said they want to see change in the way New York City is run starting at the top of the NYPD.

"Our first demand is that Bill de Blasio must fire Bratton and end broken windows policing," said organizer Nabil Hassein. "Defund the NYPD and reinvest that money in black and brown communities."

Holding signs with names of those killed by officers across the country, the group is also demanding NYPD funds go to people who have been wronged.

"The city must pay reparations for victims of police brutality and murder from the NYPD budget," Hassein said.

Others joined Millions March NYC Monday to fight for better quality of life in neighborhoods they feel they're being forced out of.

"Fighting for education, land and housing and mental health.," said protester Alexis Smallwood.

Protestors pledged to peacefully occupy City Hall Park until they declare victory.

"We will be here until all of our demands are met," said Hassein.


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