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City Council Passes Temporary Age Limit Hike For FDNY Entrance Exam

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) - Since hiring at the FDNY has been frozen by a federal court order and because some who took the fire department test in 2007 are now older than the present maximum age of 29 to take the test again, the City Council passed a one-time exemption.

The bill passed the New York City Council 44 to 0.

WCBS 880's Rich Lamb With Christine Quinn


It temporarily ups the age limit from 29 to 35 to take the civil service exam for firefighter, but limits the extension to those who took the test in 2007.

"Think about it. These are men and women who've trained, who've studied, who've done well on the test and they want to be firefighters so much, they came to the council to ask us to pass legislation to make sure they can. That's the kind of heart and grit and tenacity you want," said Council Speaker Christine Quinn on Thursday.

"They so want to be firefighters, they came to me and my colleagues and asked us to change the law to make sure that they don't get penalized. So, we've done it. For one time, we're raising the age to 35," said Quinn.

Quinn says the mayor has promised to sign the measure into law, noting that this rights a wrong.

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