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With 2020 Being A Stressful Drag So Far, It's Not Too Early To Start Putting Up Christmas Decorations

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Many people are holding out hope that Christmas will bring happier times.

So much so, they are getting into the decorating spirit earlier than ever, CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis reported Monday.

On the eve of Election Day, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Sami and Rana Issa were feeling the pressure.

"Enormous amount of stress and anxiety. The combination is very unsettling," Sami Issa said.

Even Twitter is reminding people to "breathe!"

A new OnePoll survey on behalf of Feelmore Labs and Cove of 2,000 Americans found more than half expect Nov. 3 to be the most tense day of their lives so far.

So, many are fast forwarding to Dec. 25.

"Let's celebrate Christmas early!" Sami said.

"First time in decades that I'm starting the shopping for Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving," Rana added.

And they're not alone. With halloween behind us, celebrities like Mariah Carey and New Jersey's "Snooki" have posted holiday displays on social media.

They are ready to cue the Christmas music.

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Normally, Election Day is just about politics, but with everything going on it the world it appears people are getting in the holiday spirit a bit earlier.

"This will be the biggest Christmas year ever on record," said Larry Gurino of House of Holidays in Ozone Park, Queens.

House of Holidays is all set up and in the spirit.

"We're seeing people ready, wanting to get started quicker, earlier. They're calling. 'Are you set up? Are you ready? Is this out? Is that out?'" Gurino said.


DeAngelis met some sisters who made the trip from New Jersey.

"I want something to see in the house, the Christmas spirit. Spending a lot of time indoors because of the pandemic," said Daisy Espinal of Bayonne.

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Many stores are in on the very early Christmas. Interior designer Hillary Wallace is already getting home holiday display inquiries.

"I think people are taking the mindset they have to celebrate things and I think a great way to celebrate is to decorate," Wallace said.

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Psychologist Dr. Robin Goodman said that is one of many ways people can cope with these crazy times.

"We can't always control what happens in life, but we can control how we manage what happens in our life," Goodman said. "Look around, what can I do in my own life today, in the next hour, that will make me feel better?"

And if for you that's celebrating Christmas early, then deck the halls!

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