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On WFAN: Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo Talks Francesa, Mets, Patriots And More

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Ahhhhhhh, good afternoon everybody! How are you today?!

You might remember that greeting. It's the one Chris "Mad Dog" Russo used on the WFAN airwaves until his departure in the summer of 2008.

Russo, of course, partnered with Mike Francesa for nearly 20 years on The FAN. "Mike and the Mad Dog" was one of the most loved and listened-to sports radio programs in the country during its illustrious run.

Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo

On Thursday morning, WFAN listeners were given an unexpected treat when Russo joined WFAN co-hosts Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts at Joe Torre's charity golf tournament in Scarborough, New York.

During their interview, Roberts asked Russo if he ever wakes up and misses his former co-host.

"I was with him for 19 years," Russo told Joe & Evan. "How do you not have that pang every now and then? ... I said an innocent remark on YES (about a possible reunion). You know how much Mike and I loved each other for 19 years.

"...You know better than anybody. Mike and I had a very -- from a working standpoint -- nobody enjoyed working with each other better than him and I. You knew that better than anybody. Because I could challenge Mike and he could challenge me. And not many guys could do that with Mike."

Among other things, the trio talked about the Jets' promising defense, Russo's current gig at Sirius, Tom Brady's suspension and the frustrating Mets.

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