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Charles Osgood Reflects On 45 Years Of All-News On WCBS 880

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Today is a very special day for WCBS 880. It was 45 years ago - August 28, 1967 - that we went all-news.

The launch of the format was rather inauspicious as a plane crash knocked out the transmitter on High Island and WCBS-AM's first all-news broadcast was actually via WCBS-FM 101.1.

Eventually, of course, WCBS news was on 880 AM within days.

There when it all started was the man who now hosts The Osgood File and CBS Sunday Morning - Charles Osgood.

Osgood spoke with current WCBS 880 afternoon drive anchor Wayne Cabot about the anniversary.

"Were you confident 45 years ago that you'd still be sitting here today in 2012, 45 years later, on the same radio station doing the same kind of thing?" Cabot asked.

"Yes, the thought's crossed my mind. 'I wonder if 45 years from now, I'll be doing the same thing.' It just shows you, I had no imagination. I'm still doing the same thing I was doing then," Osgood told Cabot.

Osgood talked about the importance of radio.

"We see so much change in how we get information now. Everyone's so smart and up-to-date constantly because they have so many ways of hearing things. What is it about WCBS that gives you something a little extra that gives you more than just the headlines?" asked Cabot.

"I have framed all of those 45 years through my work with WCBS 880 and I think a lot of people, anybody who lives within the listening area, which is a very big listening area, for WCBS, this is the station they go to to keep in touch with the world, not just this area, but with the world and I think radio is still the best," Osgood said. "I do television. I like to think of radio, though, as the main thing that I do... and for all of my friends who are all in this area, WCBS is what you think of when you say 'I wonder what's going on.' Turn on to WCBS and you can find out."

Cabot continued to speak at-length with Osgood. See and hear more of the interview below.

WCBS at 45 with Charles Osgood by Wayne Cabot on YouTube

To watch the full video, click here.

What are your favorite memories from 45 years of all-news on WCBS 880 AM? Share your reflections in the comments below.

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