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Celebrity Stylist Offers Haircuts and Humanity To the Nation's Homeless

1010 WINS- Meet Jason Schneidman, a hairstylist in Los Angeles who has worked with the likes of super celebrities James Corden and Rob Lowe (just to name a few), but his greatest makeovers are saved for those who can't afford it.

Through Schneidman's "Street Cuts" campaign, he's been serving up professional haircuts to the increasing homeless populations in California and abroad -- and it's changing lives one snip at a time.

Schneidman believes that a new haircut does a lot more than just change a person's outward appearance, it changes the way people view themselves inside and out. He's found that offering his services and advice with a smile has allowed himself as well as others a chance to see the human side of homelessness -- a necessary point of view for those who choose to help instead of walk on by.

Jason's selfless acts prove he's a cut above the rest.

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana


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