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'Great That Show Caught Some Legs': Cedric The Entertainer On CBS's The Neighborhood

(CBS Local)-- Cedric the Entertainer is one of the funniest people in show business and people will have the opportunity to watch him all fall and winter on season two of "The Neighborhood" on CBS.

Cedric stars in the show and is the executive producer and he's blown away at all the different milestones the show has hit so far.

"CBS has always had these big comedies with Big Bang Theory and Two and A Half Men. It's a fight for legacy sometimes," said Cedric the Entertainer in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "It was really great to be able to have a show that caught some legs. Last year was fun because we kept getting these little milestones. It's been really good, we've been having a lot of fun and we have a great cast."

"The Neighborhood" also features stars like Max Greenfield and Tichina Arnold. It was important for Cedric to share the set and the writer's room with people he could trust.

"The creator Jim Reynolds, who is a white guy... this was his truth," said Cedric the Entertainer. "He had written this based off his own life. I came in and gave it more of the fabric of what I felt like he was missing from what the black man is actually thinking. We work really well together and it's turned into some good episodes. Being a successful comedian on many different platforms and coming back to television is all about learning about yourself and how you can listen and grow."

"The Neighborhood" starts its second second Monday, September 23 at 8pm EST/PST.

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