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CBS News/New York Times Poll: Evaluations Of Fight Against ISIS Are At Worst Levels Ever

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A CBS News/New York Times poll released Thursday indicated that Americans' view of the U.S. fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria are at their worst yet.

The poll, taken between Friday, Nov. 6 and Tuesday, Nov. 10, showed that American's evaluations of how the fight against ISIS is going are the worst since the question was first asked a year ago.

A total of 72 percent say the fight is going badly, up from 64 percent in August. Only 21 percent of respondents say the fight is going well, down from 28 percent in August.

Views were also negative a year ago, but not as much so – at that time, 33 percent said the fight was going well.

The poll further showed that approval of President Barack Obama's handling of ISIS has dropped to its lowest level. Only 31 percent approved of Obama's handling of ISIS militants.

The poll was conducted before the current U.S. offensive began in Iraq.

The poll also asked about President Obama's handling about other issues. A total of 44 percent approved of his handling of the economy, while 51 percent disapproved, and only 33 percent approved of his handling of foreign policy – a new low.

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