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CBS 2 Exclusive: Brooklyn Driver Says Dash Cam Saved Him From Hefty Fine

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- He was pulling on his ear, not talking on his phone, but a Brooklyn driver says an on-board camera kept him from getting an unjustified ticket.

It happened earlier this summer on busy Ocean Parkway in Midwood. The NYPD stopped a driver for using a mobile device while his car was in motion.

The driver, who asked to remain unidentified, had equipped his car with a two-way dashcam to have a record in case of an accident-- and for another reason.

"Because a lot of people are getting pulled over and getting tickets for things they haven't done," he said.

The driver told CBS 2's Tony Aiello that was the case in this situation. He wasn't talking on his phone, he was scratching and tugging on his ear. It was all caught on video, and that's what he told the cop who didn't believe him.

"He basically wanted to write a ticket, so I said come in the car, have a look," the man said.

When the officer saw the video, he let the driver go. The driver believes the video saved him from an unjustified summons.

"Points, money, and a lot of trouble," the man said.

Midwood residents say the NYPD has been very aggressive patrolling distracted drivers and pedestrians.

Some say the department has been too aggressive, including limo drivers who claim they've been unfairly ticketed for cell phone violations.

"Once they get you, they're going to stop and give you a ticket no matter what," limo driver, Shahid Iqbal said.

There's no doubt that cops hear all sorts of excuses from drivers trying to beat the rap, but in this case, the eye of the camera told the truth about the tug on the ear.

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