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CBS 2 Exclusive: A Tour Of De Blasio's Brooklyn Home, Soon To Be For Rent

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- What will it cost to sleep in Mayor Bill de Blasio's bedroom?

As CBS 2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported, the mayor's Park Slope brownstone goes on the rental market on Thursday. Kramer got inside for a peek at the rooms, and has the story of living large de Blasio-style.

When the rental listing goes up for the 100-year-old clapboard on a leafy street in Park Slope, many people will come running because the monthly rate for the entire house is just $4,975.

"You're getting a lot for what they're paying," said Tricia Webster of Brooklyn Properties, noting that while there are studios in Manhattan going for $4,000, even they don't have the cachet of being in Brooklyn.

And there just may be another reason people come running, because this is the house that Bill built – or at least lived in for a good chunk of his life. Campaign film showed Mayor de Blasio getting dressed right in the master bedroom of the house, and his son Dante combing his hair.

"It is living large," Webster said. "In the city, whenever you have a private garden and three-plus, maybe a fourth bedroom, that's living large."

The garden is huge, with an herb garden – sage, rosemary and thyme – and a crabapple tree.

One inconvenience might be the fact that there is only one bathroom, on the third floor no less. Mayor de Blasio often blamed sharing the one bathroom for making him late to events.

But Webster said the bathroom issue should not be a big deal.

"My bathroom's on my third floor and it's not a problem," she said. "You find that in a lot of places."

De Blasio repainted and recarpeted the house, and added new kitchen appliances. Webster said it has history.

She said if the walls could talk, "they'd have only wonderful things to say about the family that's lived here."

There will be one glaring omission for those looking at the home. The NYPD security booth has been removed, and thus, the new residents will need to install a security system of their own.

But the removal of the NYPD booth will save taxpayers about $270,000 a year, Kramer reported.

The mayor and his family have been living in the Gracie Mansion since July.

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