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Carlos Santana 'Ready To Burn' The Stage At 'We Love NYC' Mega-Concert In Central Park: 'This Is Who We Are. Light, Spirit, And Soul. Immutable, Indestructible'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - He's "ready to burn" the stage.

Carlos Santana appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss his appearance tomorrow at the "We Love NYC" homecoming concert in Central Park.

"This is a golden opportunity for humans to look beyond patriotism, nationalism," Santana said. "At the end of the Olympics, in the past, you see a river of colors. Everybody running, after the games, you see a river of colors. You can't distinguish one flag from the others. It's just colors. That's my favorite moment. Like when the Berlin Wall came down, Mandela was free, in the same day, and we celebrated the year 2000. We are capable, as human beings, to come together with unity, harmony, embrace our totality, and heal one another."

Santana reminisced on his smash hit Smooth, with Matchbox 20 singer Rob Thomas. The two will be performing together at the concert.

"Like surfers, we went for the right wave. And then, when we take this wave, we ride it all the way past the beach, all the way to the parking lot, past the lobby and everything. So this is the beautiful wave, that, Clive Davis, of course started with Supernatural. I call it 'waves of light,' that allows it for you to reach the four corners of the world, and bring people encouragement, enthusiasm and joy," Santana said.

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Santana reflected on the challenges facing New York City today.

"Humans are always thirsty for impeccable integrity, righteousness. All the things that we have inside but we haven't learned yet to visit it consistently. You know, this divine intelligence that we have. You know, you can tell yourself 'I'm going to wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning' at 12 o'clock at night, and then you don't need a watch. So we have these things, that, because of this epidemic, we're learning to crystalize intentions, motives and purpose for the highest good. That is the best of what humans do.

"One angel said to another angel, 'You know what I like best about humans?' - this is after the earthquake in San Francisco - he says 'What do you like best about humans?' He says 'When things are at the worst, the best of them come out.' This is who we are. Light, spirit, and soul. Immutable, indestructible. That's what we want to promote tomorrow, and every day, with this being midwives to a new narrative, a new paradigm," he added.

"How does music fit into that?" Tony Dokoupil asked.

"Well, music is the sound resonant vibration that allows humans to remember again that you're not a rigid center or limited. You know, you're not a rigid center. You're a multidimensional spirit, beam of light. Carry yourself like it," Santana said.

So is he ready for Saturday's concert?

"I'm ready to burn," he said.


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