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Cardi B Unleashes Profanity-Laced Tirade At New York 10-Year-Olds Who Posted Viral Video Insulting Rapper

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It's another day and another feud for rapper Cardi B, but her target this time isn't another singer or the NYPD – it's four 10-year-old boys from Westchester County.

Cardi B took to social media to post a profanity-laced rant directed at the elementary school students Monday night.

"Not gonna let no little (expletive) white boys come at me all (expletive) day long. (Expletive) shut the (expletive) and stay in your (expletive) place. Go drink your (expletive) milk, (expletive)" the 26-year-old shouted in the vulgar tirade that has already been taken off Instagram.

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So who are these young boys who somehow got under the skin of a Grammy Award winner?

The quartet aren't just brothers, they're reportedly quadruplets from New York who post viral videos on social media under the group name Z-N8tion.

The youngsters – who go by Hollywood, Slim Z, Bonez McKoy, and Mr. Great – have over 150,000 followers on Instagram already.

They regularly add new music and "diss tracks" poking fun at music's most controversial figures.

Their latest target was Cardi B, who the boys called a "bully" in the music industry.

The 10-year-olds roasted the singer with not-safe-for-school lyrics including "you belong in a zoo" and "they could fix your teeth, but they couldn't fix your face."

Z-N8tion literally went below the belt, adding the line "I don't know what's faker: your life or your butt."

If the 26-year-old star thought her tirade would discourage the quadruplets, she was mistaken.

Even though Cardi B pulled her Instagram rant down, the 10-year-olds added it to their YouTube channel alongside another copy of their Cardi B-bashing diss track.

"We wanted to show Cardi B to not be a bully and give her a taste of her own medicine," one of the boys said, according to the New York Post.

The group added the rapper's response made them feel they had done their job.

The 26-year-old is still facing felony charges in New York stemming from a strip club brawl last year in Queens.

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