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Cancel All Of It! Seinfeld Backs Out Of Ojeda Benefit, Disappoints Boomer & Carton

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- On Tuesday, comedian Jerry Seinfeld called into the "Boomer & Carton" program as a man on a mission.

The sitcom star told WFAN co-hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton that he'd be happy to organize an event to bankroll a reunion between the television home of the Mets and Bobby Ojeda, whose compensation was a factor in the split.

Seinfeld has long been a fan of Ojeda's work on SNY, and the outspoken 1986 champion will be replaced this season by former Mets pitcher Nelson Figueroa.

Seinfeld's 180

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Well it turns out that Seinfeld had a change of heart shortly after chatting with the dynamic duo.

After receiving a plea from Figueroa on Twitter to give him a chance, Seinfeld decided to embrace the new studio analyst.

Though Boomer & Carton are fans of Figueroa and support him in his new role, they expressed disappointment with their famous friend on Wednesday.

"Jerry Seinfeld completely pulled a 180 on us," Carton said on Wednesday morning. "Here I am, I call the Mets. I call SNY. I'm trying to set up the big Boomer & Carton Jerry Seinfeld 'Ojeda, We Need Ya' event. I've got everything lined up. And then Nelson Figueroa -- who's a good dude, by the way -- he sends Jerry Seinfeld a tweet.

"And all of a sudden 'Mr. Tough Guy,' 'Mr. I Want To Humiliate Them,' 'Mr. I Need Me Some Bobby Ojeda' -- as I agreed with, and was in 100 percent -- suddenly went from 'Ojeda, We Need Ya' to a different line."

The different line? "Fig Nelsons," which is apparently Jerry's new nickname for Figueroa. The legendary comic also included a rather cold #overojeda in his tweet.

"Seinfeld had a chance to stay the course, and to continue the pledge of 'Ojeda, We Need Ya,'" Carton said. "And here I am working behind the scenes to make the event happen. And then I get a phone call from (producer) Al (Dukes). And he goes, 'We're done with the 'Ojeda, We Need Ya.' ... He goes, 'Cancel all of it. Seinfeld's done!'"

Boomer added that Seinfeld "wilted," and he "can't be a foxhole guy."


It's OK, Jerome. The morning guys still love you.

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