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Burglar Sneaking Through Terrace Doors At Upscale TriBeCa Apartments

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A crafty burglar has been striking in TriBeCa, going through terrace doors to target upscale apartments.

As CBS 2's John Slattery reported Wednesday, the burglar has hit at least four TriBeCa streets, starting on Reade Street, where two penthouses were entered.

"Would it be bad to say I think it was pretty inventive of the guy?" said Lewis Largent, who lives in a loft apartment just below one of the apartments hit. "I was sort of impressed by his ingenuity and his moxie."

The crafty cat burglar hit the penthouse at 72 Reade St. and the penthouse across the street at 77, where a mother, father and two children were home and unaware of the intruder. Police think the burglar may have gained access from the rooftop next door.

Police said the prowler slipped through terrace doors, which apparently were left unlocked.

A building superintendent at one of the targeted buildings believes a ladder was used.

"As soon as they got there, they went to the doors and windows to see whatever was open," said superintendent Julio Perez.

But police said it is unclear how the thief gets onto the terraces.

The rash of at least five burglaries began just over a month ago, with the items stolen including computers, Apple products, cameras, and jewelry. Nearby apartments on Duane, Leonard and Warren streets have also been hit, giving residents concern.

"I'm appalled; I'm frightened," one neighbor said. "It's scary."

What is fortunate is that so far, the intruder has not confronted any homeowner. But there is no surveillance video of the thief.

Some residents responded by upgrading their security systems.

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