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Brothers Guitar Shop: An UES Music Store Where Everyone Is Family

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – For brothers Shawn and Frank Gorelik, their passion started early.

"Ever since I figured out what the guitar was, I was in love with it," Shawn said.

They began repairing their own instruments at a desk in the back of their family hardware store. The word spread, and soon, they were taking in more than they had space for.

"We got overwhelmed. We had guitars hanging all over the place," Frank said. "We had to make moves and make moves quick."

Soon, they found a new home on the Upper East Side for Brothers Guitar Shop, where they buy, sell, teach, and repair.

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The storefront opened amid the pandemic, becoming the only dedicated music store in the neighborhood.

"I'd like to say that we're the only shop of its kind in all of New York City, really," Frank said.

He says that other shops tend to cater to expert musicians, showcasing expensive guitars like museum pieces.

"You're scared to touch anything, and you don't even want to ask questions," Frank said. "We are completely not like that."

The team welcomes first-time players, eager to teach a few chords to get them started.

"The Upper East Side has a lot of young people, students," Shawn said. "So there has to be a place that they can get excited about."

They aim to cultivate an inclusive environment, where guitar enthusiasts of all ilks can network, jam together, and feel a sense of belonging.

"It's really about growing the community of musicians and getting people into music," Frank said.

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They're grateful for the opportunity to do what they love and, above all, to do it side by side.

"I'd rather see my brother every single day than anybody else," Shawn said.

Brothers Guitar Shop
316 East 84th Street
New York, NY 10028
(646) 559-8771

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