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Brother Hilariously Interrogates Younger Sister's First Date

1010 WINS -- Protective older brothers may be a movie cliché, but it's nice to see they still exist in real life.

Shaquille Jack, 21, wanted to ensure his sister Rochelle's date was a worthy guy, and decided to take matters into his own hands. When her date, Owen, 18, arrived outside their home in the UK, Shaquille wanted to ask a few questions before the pair went off. Thankfully, the entire hysterical correspondence was recorded and now has over 61,000 likes on Twitter.

"Tell me your age please, your intentions with my sister", Shaquille asked Owen. Instead of being outwardly intimidated by the exchange, Owen managed to calmly reply, "to go on a date with her."

cred shaq j
Cred: @Shaq_Jack

The bombardment of questions continued,"do you plan on paying for both of you or are you going to go Dutch?" Without blinking an eye, Rochelle, 18, chimed in, "I'm an independent woman who can pay for my own meals", though Owen later said he would still pay.

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Cred: @Shaq_Jack

Despite what may have seemed like a true interrogation, Shaquille told 1010 WINS, "he was a real good guy and I liked the fact he [understood] that it was all a joke and took it in stride and just went along with it."

Things even seem to be working out for the adorable couple! In a follow-up video Shaquille asks the lovebirds if there will be a second date and Owen replied, "definitely".

-Kayla Jardine

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