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Brooklyn Woman Requires Multiple Surgeries After Being Struck In Hit-And-Run Crash

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Police are searching for the driver in a hit-and-run in Brooklyn.

In surveillance video, 50-year-old Omme Farhana is seen walking home from her restaurant job with her uncle.

The sign at the crosswalk said "walk," and they made it midway across Franklin Avenue when a white sedan raced through a red light on Putnam Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Both were hit. The video shows Farhana's stunned uncle on the ground then rising to his feet.

A driver in Brooklyn struck two pedestrians, severed a pole and plowed into a gate on Nov. 13, 2020. (Photo provided)

Farhana was on the hood of the car and then the roof. She was carried down the block then thrown to the sidewalk just before the car swerved, severed a pole and plowed into a gate.

She survived but will undergo multiple surgeries.

CBS2's Dave Carlin spoke with Farhana's sister.

"She is in a very bad situation. She cannot move her right leg, and she cannot move her whole body," Farhana's sister said.

"How is your uncle?" Carlin asked.

"He is out of the hospital, but he still has pain," she said.

Inside the car were four men, according to witness James Feng, whose living room window faces the scene.

"Screeching tires and all of a sudden, a loud bang, a loud crash, and I looked out my window," he said. "As soon as I looked, all the doors just swung open. Four people just ran out. Two went up one way, two went the other way."

A driver in Brooklyn struck two pedestrians, severed a pole and plowed into a gate on Nov. 13, 2020. (Credit: Sherm Desouza)

Video shows a pair of men believed to be from the car running back towards Franklin Avenue.

It's unclear who was the driver or who the car belonged to, but all four got away before paramedics arrived to help Farhana.

Sherm Desouza took video of the crashed and abandoned car before it was towed and placed in evidence.

He was on the scene from late Friday night, not long after the crash, until midday Saturday, helping replace the toppled pole.

"It was mayhem down here," he said.

Residents marvel that anyone could survive being struck so violently by a fast-moving car.

"I hope they make it. I hope they're OK, and I hope they catch the guys who did this," one man said.

"They didn't care. They just ran off and left them there on the streets," another man said.

Police suspect the car may have been stolen, which could complicate finding the driver.


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