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Brooklyn Residents Disappointed After Pedestrian Bridge Closed For Being Too Bouncy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A pedestrian bridge in Brooklyn cost $5 million to build, but people only had about a year and a half to enjoy it before the city shut it down.

The reason? Because it's too bouncy.

As CBS 2's Alex Denis reported, there's no more bounce in parkgoers steps and there won't be until the Squibb Park Bridge in Brooklyn Heights reopens in the spring.

"I'm looking forward to walking on it again," said Brooklyn resident Joana Constat.

The wooden pedestrian bridge, which opened in the spring of 2013, was designed to have a slight bounce and the people Denis spoke to said they enjoyed it.

"You have to get your sea legs, but once you do it's really great," said Rebecca Short.

"I used to live in Kentucky and we'd cross these swinging bridges and that's what it reminded me of," said Beth Boulais.

"It was a pleasure walking on it. I didn't feel it swaying. I didn't even know there was an issue with it," Wilma Bueno said.

But Brooklyn Bridge Park officials said there was an issue and shut down the bridge after staff reported unusual movement in August, Denis reported.

Now engineers must study the structure, which connects Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park, to determine it is safe and secure.

In a statement, park officials said a team of civil engineers have been performing an ongoing investigation to diagnose and solve the problem, Denis reported.

Although residents are disappointed the bridge is closed, they're also thankful the main concern is safety.

"We don't want anyone to get hurt," said Magalie Constant.

One taxpayer was even willing to help foot the bill if it gets the bridge up and running sooner rather than later.

"It's a lot of money, but it's a great bridge. I'm a designer and I think the design really enhances our experience in New York, and I think it's worth it," Rebecca Short said.

And she, like others, hope the bridge isn't completely sway-free in 2015, Denis reported.

The president of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation said park officials "need to fully understand the bridge."

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