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Police: Several young children, 1 adult hurt in Brooklyn hit-and-run

NYPD seeks hit-and-run driver accused of striking children, mother
NYPD seeks hit-and-run driver accused of striking children, mother 01:57

NEW YORK -- A hit-and-run driver left five people, including four children, injured in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

Police say a driver hit a mother with two children and two more children who had just gotten off a school bus at Avenue J and New York Avenue in Midwood.

A neighbor's security camera captured what happened.

The video shows a white car speeding on Avenue J, then the car blows a stop sign. After the impact, you can see a child get up and scurry to the side of the road.

JoJo Johnson says she saw the car hit a woman and a child in a stroller.

"It was just like terrible," she told CBS2's Tim McNicholas. "He or she decided to just, you know, continue to drive off and hit the children. It was like two other children getting off the bus."

Police say the victims include a 1-year-old and children aged 3, 5 and 8. They're all expected to survive, and the mom and one of the children are in the hospital with bruising in stable condition.

Officers say the driver kept going, ditched a 2016 white Mercedes at 24th Street and Glenwood Avenue and took off on foot, leaving behind a Mercedes emblem that broke off the car on Avenue J.

"The mother was screaming on top of her lungs, just like calling for help and asking to save her kids. It was terrible," Johnson said.

NYPD sources say officers saw the white Mercedes-Benz commit some kind of violation -- police haven't said what -- and when they tried to stop the car, the driver took off. Police say they never chased the Benz.

Video shows at least one car driving behind the Mercedes. After the crash, that car stopped and people got out to help the victims.

"It was just so scary knowing that these children are hurt, they're injured," Johnson said.

Police are still looking for the hit-and-run driver.

Officers say of the five people hurt, three have already been released from the hospital.

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