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After Series Of Anti-Semitic Incidents, Brooklyn Community Leaders Launch New Initiative Against Hate Crimes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Community leaders in Brooklyn announced a new initiative Tuesday aimed at preventing hate crimes.

It comes after a number of anti-Semitic attacks recently.

Surveillance video shows three strangers throwing eggs at a 38-year-old woman and some kids in Borough Park.

"There's a sense of intimidation that people are trying to affect by this kind of activity," Rabbi Eli Cohen said.

Over the weekend, there were at least four attacks on the Jewish community. In one incident, you see boys running up behind a mother and a child, hurling eggs at them before taking off.

Watch: Eric Adams, Community Leaders Announce New Initiative Against Hate Crimes

"The anti-Jewish comments on the subway stations, on buildings, on cars, on vehicles, we've all witnessed this and we cannot remain silent," said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, Brooklyn alone experienced nearly 100 incidents of anti-Semitic violence, harassment and vandalism in 2018, so it's saying enough is enough.

"ADL will be doubling the number of Brooklyn schools involved in our groundbreaking 'No Place for Hate' program," said John Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League.

That program announced Tuesday at Brooklyn Borough Hall is focused on educating Brooklyn public and private school students in grades K-12 on the importance of tolerance and inclusion.

Last year, ADL's program reached 22 schools. With this new quarter million dollar investment, it hopes to reach as many as 40 this school year.

Officials say they have the potential to reach an additional 10,000 students within the borough's public schools.

It's a big reach, but one that doesn't guarantee a drop in hate crime reports.

"I think we have to start someplace and this is a wonderful beginning. Where it will lead, we don't know, but we have to try our best," said Rabbi Leonard Blank, Director of Chapel Commission and External Affairs for Rabbinical Alliance of America.

An investment with the hope that Brooklyn will one day really become "No Place for Hate."

The NYPD says it has deployed additional officers to the neighborhood.

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