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Brooklyn Car Leasing Company: City Snow Plow Shattered Window

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A car leasing company in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, found its front window shattered when it opened for the day earlier this week, and said surveillance video revealed that a city snow plow was to blame.

A surveillance video posted by JM & Legend Leading, at 2785 Coney Island Ave. in Brooklyn, first showed a man walking on the sidewalk past the picture windows in the dealership.

(Credit: Jukin Video)

One snow plow passes in the center of the street, followed by another that sends a wave of snow flying toward the windows.

The man walking down the street also appears to be knocked down to the ground as the wave of snow hits. He gets up and continues walking a few seconds later in the video.

The owner of the leasing company spoke with CBS 2, and said the Department of Sanitation told him it will pick up the bill for the broken window.

At least one other accident involving a city snow plow happened Wednesday. In the New Dorp section of Staten Island, snow was sent flying as a plow blade on the truck caught the base of a large the tree.

The tree cracked and toppled onto the roof of Jim Krause's house, bending the gutters and cracking the front steps.

"I know how close I came to be seriously hurt," Krause said.

Krause and his stepson had gone inside just a few moments before. After the impact, they saw the damage and the sanitation truck driver, who coworkers said is relatively new to the job.

Krause told CBS 2 crews responded to the scene quickly.

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