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Residents: Brooklyn Building Super's Body Cam Is An Invasion Of Privacy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Tenants in a Brooklyn apartment building said they are being terrorized by the building super.

Making matters worse -- they say he has even started wearing a body camera while he works.

As CBS2's Tracee Carrasco reported, Herchin Ablai dodged CBS2's cameras and didn't want to talk on Monday, after tenants of 60 Turner Pl. in the Kensington section of Brooklyn said he's been wearing a body camera while he works.

"We feel like our privacy is really being invaded," Abena Agyemang said. "Who wants a person to be walking around recording everything?"

It's not illegal in public places, but residents aren't sure exactly why Ablai wears the body cam. They believe it might be because of complaints he's received.

"I think he had just had so many issues with folks in the building so I think he wears it to protect himself, but I don't know against what. Everything that I've heard and have seen has been him starting," one resident said.

People in the building claim Ablai has been harassing them, name-calling, and acting aggressively. They said he once got into a confrontation with a woman and grabbed her arm. Another woman claims he spit at her. They said the bully has got to go.

"If you walk down the hallway, if you congregate in front of the building, he would blow a whistle at you," Charles Boyd said.

"He's a racist. He refers to us, I'm talking about African-Americans, Latinos, and other minority groups as 'you people,'" Nidia Miller said.

Tenants said isx complaints with the State Division of Housing and Community Renewal have already been filed. CBS2 reached out to ADI Management, which is in charge of the building, but they had no comment.

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