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Bronx Teacher Accused Of Beating Up 6th Grader In Front Of Her Own Mother

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Punched, slapped and attacked -- by a teacher?

A Bronx middle school educator is facing assault charges for allegedly beating a 12-year-old student.

Brigitte Aznaran showed CBS 2's Hazel Sanchez a healing bruise she said she suffered at the hands of her teacher, Evelyn Tirado.

"She gave me a punch right there and then she grabbed both of my arms back and then she was sitting on me," Aznaran said Wednesday night.

The alleged assault happened last Thursday at Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Science charter school in the Bronx.

Aznaran's mother, Marina Marquez, was picking her up early for a doctor's appointment when the sixth grader said Tirado refused to let her leave.

The girl's mom stepped into the classroom as Tirado demanded to see Aznaran's schoolwork notebook. Aznaran said it was torn apart during the struggle.

"She threw it on the floor and then she grabbed both of my arms and she threw me on the floor," Aznaran said. "I told her let go of me. I was crying and screaming and then my mom was standing there. She was shocked and all the classmates ran out to get help."

Marquez said she was frozen in shock as she watched the teacher allegedly attack her child.

Aznaran said Tirado ran off as help arrived. The teacher, who had only been working at the school for three months, later turned herself into police to face assault charges.

Through a translator, Marquez said she's concerned Tirado will be allowed to teach again.

"How would they permit that teacher return to school with any students? That'll just be crazy," Marquez said.

Aznaran said she, too, is terrified Tirado will return to the classroom.

She said that she is afraid of "the teacher coming back to the school and doing the same thing to other students."

This is the second teacher at this school to be arrested this month. On Feb. 10, another substitute was accused of forcible touching and harassment of a male student. That teacher has been suspended while the case is being investigated.

With the recent spike in alleged assaults involving teachers and students, what should be done?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below...

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