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Bronx-based paid internship gives undocumented high school students the ability to work

Bronx-based paid internship helps undocumented high school students
Bronx-based paid internship helps undocumented high school students 03:04

NEW YORK - A unique program in the Bronx is giving undocumented high school students an opportunity to develop and learn new technological skills, all while getting paid.

Through the internship Beyond Rising, undocumented high school students in the Bronx have an opportunity to legally work in a growing environment. Without it, many of these students either get denied because of their status or don't apply. The program is through the nonprofit the Oyate Group and in partnership with Lehman College.

"I want to make the person more important," said Elvis, an intern at Beyond Rising. The high school student enjoys taking photos for self-expression and creativity. He also spends time with his classmate Ashley stirring up conversation for their podcast.

"My favorite thing is listen to the history of each people because each people is different and tell of the history," said Ashley, an intern at Beyond Rising.

Both Elvis and Ashley are undocumented students that are learning technological skills through a rare paid internship called Beyond Rising.

"We have people from Mexico, from Dominican Republic, different place, and we can learn about the culture, the language, the religion, all of this and I love this," said Ashley.

"We at Oyate understood we needed to fill a stop gap and provide these access to resources for young people, so they can develop their workforce development skills, but also offer them opportunities they don't have access to," said Jason Autar, the COO of The Oyate Group.

Autar explains there are thousands of undocumented students in New York City that never get a chance to work in professional environments. 

"We're reaching only 45 individuals. Just imagine if you replicate this on a larger scale what this could mean for entire communities, families and an entire generation of young people," said Autar. 

Each student gets paid a weekly stipend of $500 in gift cards. And for students like Ashely and Elvis, it's a chance to expand their skills. 

"It's helping me grow, meet more people," said Ashley.

Beyond Rising Internship will now be available all year round. Applications will open in mid-fall for students.

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