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Bronx DA Sets Up Hotline Related To Alleged Sex Abuse Of Horace Mann Students

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The blockbuster allegations of sexual abuse of students by members of the prestigious Horace Mann School's faculty has prompted a reaction.

Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson's office has set up a confidential hotline for folks with information about the alleged abuse to call.

Anyone with any information about alleged sexual abuse is asked to call (718) 838-7382. All calls were kept confidential.

Last Sunday, Amos Kamil, an alumnus of the school published a piece in the New York Times Magazine alleging a pattern of sexual abuse took place at the school back in the '70's.

Kamil said sometimes the school got rid of the alleged abuser, sometimes not.

Kamil said the sexual abuse lead to the suicides of some teachers and students.

"I have been running from this thing most of my life," one Horace Mann alum told Kamil.

Click here to read Horace Mann School's response to the article (.pdf) 

Kamil said he is now looking forward and  hopes Horace Mann will seize the opportunity to help other children.

"I think this is a chance to take a leadership position on a subject matter that is epidemic in our society … Horace Mann has a chance to lead," Kamil said.

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