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Stories From Main Street: Community Garden Makes A Difference In The Bronx

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Every year, WCBS 880 is proud to team up with WhyHunger for Hungerthon to help those in need as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.

In today's Story from Main Street, WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams looks at how donations are making a difference in people's live.

For example, in the Bronx, a once blighted plot on Prospect Avenue now sees fertile soil that feeds a community.

"The garden of happiness is three-quarters of an acre. We have 36 plots," said Karen Washington, who runs La Familia Verde, a coalition of community gardens.

They host an urban farmer's market.

"The population now is mostly Mexican population, so you'll see papalo, pipicha, epazote, cilantro. There are some African-Americans as well in the garden, so you'll see collards, and kale, and swiss chard," Washington said.

It's healthy, nutritious food that otherwise would be too expensive or not available.

"Vegetables and herbs that you find in the community garden are really used to sort of augment what you can't find in our neighborhoods," Washington said.

The organization WhyHunger is a crucial ally.

"And so what Hungerthon does is really get at the heart of the manner, to make people understand that the real cause of hunger is poverty, so how do we change that dynamic," Washington said.

Your generosity helps tackle the problem of hunger, and not just by feeding people, but by helping people to support and feed themselves.

"It's not only about our hand out, but it's about our hand in," Washington said. "And the only way we're going to sort of end hunger and poverty is to really bringing in the picture of economic independence and job creation."

Washington says that's going to take partners in the private sector.

"I always say, if you know warren buffet, have him come to the Bronx and talk to me," Washington said.

Hungerthon is next Tuesday.

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