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'Bring To Light' Festival, Waterfront Art Show, Hits Brooklyn Saturday

By Annie Reuter

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Over 10,000 people are expected to visit Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Saturday for the second annual Bring to Light festival. The one night contemporary art festival on the New York waterfront is in the European tradition of Nuit Blanche, which translates to white night or all-nighter.

Throughout the evening, emerging and established artists will make site-specific installations of light alongside performance and projection art. Begun in Paris 10 years ago, there will be simultaneous celebrations in Paris, Brussels, and Toronto.

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Over a year ago, a group of New York artists joined forces and decided to create Nuit Blanche in New York.

"We felt that these were important new art forms and that New York needed to participate in this conversation," said Ethan Vogt, the festival's director. "Our hopes are that this will be the second year of a festival that goes on for many years to come and continues to grow and becomes a really vibrant part of the cultural life of New York City."

With more than 50 artists participating, from 6 p.m. – midnight visitors can take in live performances and poetry readings as well as join in numerous exhibits.

Daniel Canogar's Asolto will allow people to participate by crawling along a green screen as their image is projected onto a warehouse, giving the effect of individuals crawling up the walls.

Additional highlights include the New York premiere of Commercial Break, a series of 134 art videos curated by Neville Wakefield, Alex Villar's Splitting Image, a video projection that documents the journey of a commuter on the East River Ferry, and Camille Scherrer's In the Woods, an interactive projection which presents visitors with a modified version of their shadow.

Always looking for support, Vogt urges those who enjoy what they see to get involved with the non-profit.

"If people come and they enjoy what they see, we'd love if they are willing to provide a donation to the project. We think it's important that this event remains free to the public so anyone can come," he said.

Bring to Light takes place throughout parks and streets within neighborhoods along Greenpoint's waterfront. The ferry will extend operation until midnight between the India Street Pier, E. 34th St. in Manhattan and N. 7th St in Williamsburg.

Annie Reuter is a freelance writer and the founder of

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