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Bride Gives Vows to Groom's Ex and Son During Wedding Ceremony

1010 WINS-Bride Katie Musser, 24, took the opportunity to switch up the traditionally heard wedding vows by making an emotional promise to her new husband's ex-girlfriend and mother of her new stepson, four-year-old Landon, pledging her dedication to stay one family always.

Katie's husband Jeremy, 23, was overcome with emotion by her touching words.

In the years leading up to their marriage, after meeting in 2013, Katie explains in an online post how her trust and love came about. After finding out Jeremy had a young son, she wasn't sure how to feel or what other parts of his life she may have been unaware of. After some time, Katie reached out to Casey, Jeremey's ex, to begin a friendship. "One day, I woke up and thought, 'I truly hate who I have become.' I wanted to trust Jeremy fully and I didn't want this for the rest of my life. So, right before Landon's first birthday, I reached out," she admitted on Facebook.

Eventually, the two started having "mommy dates" to talk about everything from Landon, to past relationships and life in general. "I may not have been there for his first step, potty training, or his first dentist appt., but Casey respected me like I was. She still treated me like his mom. It never was an act (although I thought it was at times). She was true."

Casey then got married herself, to a man named Tyler who was clearly not interested in his new wife's past relationship, nor was Jeremy. The two men simply could not bring themselves be friendly or forget the past. After some time, Jeremy sent Tyler a message thanking him for raising Landon and being the dad he wasn't. Jeremy also asked Tyler to go out for a drink, which Tyler respected, but never went for.

Wedding Vows

After Jeremy and Katie's wedding this past September, however, and seeing how close Casey and Katie had become, Tyler finally took him up on the offer.

All told, Katie tells 1010 WINS that she hopes people will see "life, love, courage, determination, faithfulness and truly believe they can be that change. I️ want people to see they can be the reason why."

The newlywed even gifted her new husband's ex with a bridesmaids bracelet to show how much she truly meant to her. Katie wants other people to see that co-parenting can work and it is possible for everyone to get along and respect each other.

"I️ truly love Casey and Tyler. They saved me when I️ needed it most without realizing. They made me grow up and they truly showed me what love meant."

Read Katie's full post below.

-Joe Cingrana


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